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Texture Plate for Rolling Mill & Hydraulic Press | Copper Sheet | Brass | Aluminium | Silver Jewelry | impression die | Pancake die | Leaf

$ 59.00 each

Category: Texture Plates & Blocks
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Texture plate are used in rolling mill or hydraulic press. For getting a fine texture to your material, weather its a sheet, wire, earrings, rings, bangles, etc.

Cold rolled steel.
2.5" X 6" X 1/8"

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Can be used in a rolling mill or hydraulic press. Metal will need to be annealed first for a much better impression.
If using in a rolling mill first, do not use in hydraulic press. The plate over time that is used in a rolling mill will start to curve. It is still usable if this happens.


Made from High grade Hardened Steel

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