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Welcome to Mekkisupplies

Our company started back in 1976 in a small room by our grandparents, Mr. Kasturi Lal Bhalla and Mrs. Satya Rani Bhalla. They began by making small tools for watches and aluminum tins for watch parts. They had a few hand-operated machines like presses, drills, and a lathe. Over time, with hard work and the help of our dad, Mr. Sunil Bhalla, and his brothers, the business grew across the country and found success, shifting more towards making tools for jewelry.

By the year 2000, we made our first shipment to a company in France, and things went really well. By 2015, we had two factories with modern machines and skilled engineers.

When I joined the business, I wanted to do something unique. Since we mostly did private labeling for clients and didn't have our own brand, I started an e-commerce company to promote our brand, Hammer Man, which we created in 2014. I set up shops on platforms like Etsy, Amazon, and eBay, and the response was amazing. We kept developing new products and grew rapidly.

We are now in our third generation in this business, well-equipped with machinery and experience. Our brand, Hammer Man, is highly trusted and respected in the industry. We focus on innovative and eco-friendly technologies. We sell our products and services worldwide, offering top-notch quality, competitive prices, and prompt delivery. For shipping, we work with top courier companies for air shipments and reliable shipping lines for sea shipments. Our commitment to quality, pricing, and timely delivery has made us a preferred choice for customers globally.

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