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New Bangle Forming Die / Bangle Die / Bangle Bender / Bangle Making / Bangles / Handmade Bangles / Bangle mandrels / Jewelry tools / Dapping

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Category: Bangle & Ring Forming Die
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The die is approximately 3


This Bangle Forming Die is used to pattern bangles & hoop earrings.

By placing a bangle inside this die and applying pressure with either a heavy hammer or a press you can consistently create a pattern on a bangle. This is a great tool for creating one statement bangle in a thick gauge, or creating stackable bracelets, because you are able to get that consistent pattern. New Bangle Forming Die 

How to use,

First create your bangle or hoop out of wire Next separate the halves of the die. Place your bangle in between the halves making sure to center it. Replace the top half of the die and give it a good solid strike or press ! The die is approximately 3" in diameter and 1-1/2" thick. Weight - 1.4 kg


Made from High grade Hardened Steel

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